Grindavik Campsite picture
Grindavik Campsite Aurora picture
Grindavik Campsite playground picture
Grindavik Campsite
Grindavik Campsite
Grindavik Campsite Aurora
Grindavik Campsite Aurora
Grindavik Campsite playground
Grindavik Campsite playground
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Grindavik town is currently closed for tourist due to near by volcanic activity.

Our Location

makes us a perfect choice to begin exploring Iceland.


If you bark, meow, squeak or sing like canary you are also welcome here!

If you are lost, click on the Price or click on the picture of the price!

About us

According to our visitors our campsite is one the best equiped in Iceland and with best facilites. Being at International Airport´s close vicinity and only 5 km from Blue Lagoon makes us a perfect choice to begin exploring Iceland and also nice closure of your adventures in this amazing island. Our indoor area and very well equiped kitchen offer shelter on the rainy day. We use geothermal energy, in which this whole area is rich with, to keep our showers warm all the time and give you endless supply of hot water.


Since our Campsite is located in midst of a geothermal region, we have unlimited supply of hot water in our showers, and heating in our cozy kitchen and dining area. Showers are at your disposal throughout the night and are included in camping price.


Around Grindavik

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Main thing while you travel around is safety. Here are 2 main links for that:

Of course, our staff will provide any additional information concerning safety during your stay in Iceland.

Emergency number in Iceland is 112.


Also, Iceland can be very expensive so there are few tips you can use and save some money.

There is an app that all the locals are using:

If you are having Costco card most likely you can use it in the Costco in Iceland.

Also keep an eye on the discounts in grocery stores, for instance Nettó is having good discounts from Thursday til Sunday.

Book your

Camping card

We are part of a Camping Card family ( and you can always book your camping card here.

Sometimes it is really hard to find a place to buy the camping cards so play it on a safe side and book it with us.

Please note that you are booking the card only.
We are not in the position to book a space for you.


  • Bookings are not possible online, nor via mail.
  • Price for adults 2.200 (tax included), free for 14 years old and younger.
  • Electricity is 1.300 ISK
  • Single wash in a washing machine kr. 800
  • Single use of a dryer kr. 800
  • Showers included in price.
  • Just showers 500 kr.
  • Just kitchen 700 kr. for two persons.
  • Groups/Family reunions pay according to agreement.
  • Bookings are not possible.
  • Maximum permitted stay is 7 days a month.



  • star rating  This campsite has great new common area facilities. Also clean toilets and showers in the main building, and clean bathrooms in the campsite too. Good play area if you have... read more

    June 4, 2017

  • star rating  The visit Reykjanes site writes this about the campsite "Grindavík opened a brand new State of the Art campground facility in the summer of 2009 at Austurvegur 26. The campground... read more

    July 14, 2017

  • star rating  We made our biggest mistake of our trip to Iceland giving the very boring and overpriced blue lagoon a try, so we were forced to look for a campsite close... read more

    November 4, 2016

  • star rating  I recently travelled around Iceland over 16days and camped at about 12 different campsites around the country. I can only recommend this campsite! The camping grounds/sites filled up by 8pm... read more

    The bathrooms were ALWAYS clean, often actually bumping into the ladies cleaning on my way to ablutions. There are two bathroom areas located on site. I never once waited to shower and the showers were ALWAYS hot! ...Unlike other campsites where you freeze & the cost of showering is excluded from the camping cost!

    The camping manager was regularly seen around the campsite & are always in the office in the evenings, where one can pay for their stay.

    The kitchen/dining hall was also great. They had stoves and kettles for campers to use, which was great. There are 9 dining room tables with chairs in the room as well.
    This dining hall is cleaned daily.

    With this campsite often being the last stop for camping tourists, people leave their unused gas cooking canisters, dish wash liquid & food in the kitchen on a daily basis. It's such a great system, and all free to take if you need. I, myself, left some dried pasta, jam, canned food and a gas canister behind.

    The campsite also has fast wifi in the dining hall area. If you are having wifi-deprivation, then you can pitch your tent against the outside walls of the dining hall, it will reach 😉

    Start, and most definitely end your trip at Grindavik Campsite!

    September 6, 2016

  • star rating  We stayed at this campsite on our first and last nights in Iceland. Grindavik is convenient to the RV depot and the airport so you can stay even if... read more

    October 11, 2016

  • star rating  Really well set up campsite with the indoor dining area and washrooms/outdoor kitchen areas. Staff was onside till 10:00 pm and was super helpful in providing other tourist information.... read more

    Kim M
    September 12, 2016

  • star rating  This campground was our final camp for our 2 week stay in Iceland. It was the perfect location to wake up near the airport and our camper rental return... read more

    Nice flat sites on stone pad for camper, duping station, fresh water, good shower/bathrooms. BUT, my favorite part.....there were sheep in a field next door! And they were friendly! They came right up to the fence and said hello. We spent 2 weeks driving around Iceland and constantly seeing sheep, but anytime we stopped, they ran. These ones were happy to stay at the fence and talk to the crazy lady that wanted to take pictures :).

    October 4, 2016

  • star rating  We stayed at this campsite on our first and last nights in Iceland. Grindavik is convenient to the RV depot and the airport so you can stay even if... read more

    October 12, 2016

  • star rating  This is a really really nice camp site, fully equipped kitchen, nice staff, clean amenities, big and warm common room and free showers... What else do you want?

    Mehr... read more

    August 30, 2016

  • star rating  We picked up our camper in Keflavik and headed to the Bridge between the Continents and the Blue Lagoon so this campsite made for a good stop near to those... read more

    April 20, 2017